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Judy M.

"Cannot load 32-bit DLL ter 19"

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This morning I tried opening TMG 8 and received the message "Cannot load 32-bit DLL ter 19." Last night I installed a new anti-virus program, which I'm assuming affected TMG.


Solution? If I have to reinstall TMG 8, do I have to uninstall first?


Judy Madnick

Jacksonville, FL

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as the archive of the TMG mailing list on Rootsweb shows you posted a request for help with exactly this same issue there on 01/01/12.


Please see here:



Then you continued this thread on the TMG mailing list under the subject "Reinstalling TMG8" i.e. see here:



There are a couple of replies to this thread, Jim Byram contacted you directly after you had written

I uninstalled, removed the program folder, and reinstalled -- same error message.


And then on 01/02/2012 you replied on the mailing list

At this point I think I'm going to wait to hear back from TMG support. Nothing comes up in a search, and there have definitely been updates to my computer since I installed TMG.


So I'd kindly suggest to do what you did back then to solve your issue.

Unfortunately I am unable to find any message on the TMG Mailing list which provides information about how you were apparently able to solve this.


[Just noticed that you also posted a new request for help on TMG-L on 12/18/2012 in parallel.]

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In order to update this topic and for means of reference regarding this issue caused by a third party program.


Judy just posted on TMG-L:


Okay, here's what happened:


I upgraded my STOPzilla software and, as a result, received the error message that you see in the Subject field above. STOPzilla apparently saw two files as being malicious and quarantined them. (Perhaps had I realized that at the time, I could have removed them from the quarantine folder.) When this happened once before (which I had forgotten about), Jim Byram sent me the two files with instructions on where to copy them and how to register them.


I spoke with a tech rep at STOPzilla today (it's nice that you can easily reach a real person), and he told me what to do to report this to STOPzilla, as they apparently update their files accordingly. When this happened to me previously, I believe it was with a another anti-malware program.


I hope that's sufficient...since the problem was software-specific.


Judy Madnick

Jacksonville, FL

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