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mark dickson

Slide Show Manager - how to display a caption

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I may be missing something basic here. I'm trying to put together a slide show of ancestor pictures, with captions showing the name, date of birth, and date of death. An example would be:

My father

John Newton Dickson

(12/22/1903 - 06/17/1971)


If I understand the instructions, my caption goes in the Description window. I'm using a black background with white lettering. When I run the slide show, I'm also getting the position of the slide in the show and the duration, e.g.,

"2/10 5.00 sec.). How can I keep this extra information from appearing?



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If the image is added from the TMG Exhibit Log, the slideshow 'Description' text comes from the TMG exhibit 'Caption' field.


I see no way to eliminate the position/duration text.

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