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Images Upside Down

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Someone just emailed me some photos he took on his iphone. They all show as normal when I open them on my PC. The problem is when I try to add them to TMG that a selection of them show (both thumbnail and opened image) as upside down or sideways. Using the rotate function in TMG corrects the thumbnail but not the main image and degrades the quality. Does anyone have experience of this issue and is there a cure. The problem is as I mentioned above is they appear "normal" on my PC.


Having had a look on Google it seems a possible cause is as follows (but not offering a cure for TMG users):-


"......the EXIF metadata spec contains a field which defines how the image should be rotated for proper viewing, i.e. 'which side is up' and Apple have started to utilize the "correct rotation" field of the EXIF spec--likely to facilitate faster photo saves from the camera. Prior to that time iOS devices with cameras physically rotated image data so that the rotation value field of the EXIF metadata could be set to zero. This allowed the images to display properly on those apps that were (and many still are) brain dead, i.e. they ignore the EXIF rotation field assuming it is zero, but that practice greatly increased the image to image time because rotating the image can be CPU intensive and is better left to systems with fast CPUs. So, the problem does not lie within the iPhone, it lies within the other apps that have so far failed to recognize and/or support the EXIF standard properly...."




Many thanks



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