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Creating a GedCom for a specific line

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I am looking to create a GedCom file of a particular line in my tree so that I can send only part of my tree to someone where I send all of the descendants of a particular person.


Can someone give me step by step instructions on this? I have no clue.

Thank you


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Use the Project Explorer to add the key person (an ancestor or descendant) to a Focus Group. You right-click on a name in the Project Explorer to add that name to a Focus Group.


Then use the Focus Group tools to add descendants, ancestors, and/or spouses. These are added for the selected names so you must select the appropriate names before doing the addition.


Read Help and experiment and you'll get the hang of it.


After the Focus Group has all names that you wish to add, export the Focus Group to a GEDCOM.




Another possibility is using a custom flag to mark each person to be exported.


You can set flags using the secondary output option of the List of People report.


You can then filter the Project Explorer using the custom flag and export all people named in the Project Explorer.

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