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Adding merchant navy seaman

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I would like to add some merchant navy seaman details to a couple of ancestors.


Should I put these details under military? Should I create a tag?



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Terry's suggestion to use the Occupation tag is the best method to record this service. This is what I have done. Technically, the Merchant Marine Service is not part of the military. Only the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps (which is actually part of the Navy) are designated as US Military Services. The US Merchant Marine Service does have an actual government run academy at Kings Point, NY under the same congressional appointment criteria as the military academies. (I had an appointment.) There have been instances where this has been brought up before congress, for possible change, due to wartime service of the US Merchant Fleet but to the best of my knowledge no law has ever been enacted to make it so. Sorry for the history lesson.



(US Army, Retired)

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