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Is there a way to purge the Research Log?

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I imported my genealogy from Roots IV when it went defunct some years ago. One unforseen event was that every record had a task created in the TMG research log that gives a Last edited date from Roots IV. I'd like to purge the entire research log to clear these entries rather than do them one at a time, which is a gargantuan task. Does anyone have an idea about if this can be done and if so how to do it?

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Here's a simple way to do it. (Back up your project first.)


Create a new project and copy the _L.DBF and _L.FPT files from the new project to your Desktop.


(btw... I'd suggest keeping each project in its own folder such as in subfolders under the default Projects folder.)


Open your project folder and note the names of those L files in your project.


Rename the two files on your Desktop to exactly match the names of the L files in your project folder.


Copy the renamed files into your project folder replacing the existing files.


Now you have an empty Research Log.


Be sure to reindex your project the next time that you open it.

File / Maintenance / Reindex




If you are concerned about doing this, I can edit your L-files and delete all existing records.

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Thanks for the reply. I created the new project and made the changes you outlined but I get a fatal error when I try to open the database. The error occurs before I can reindex. Luckily, I made a copy fo the two files and no damage was done. I can email the L-files if you'd be kind enough to edit them for me.


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