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Copy tag makes TMG 8.08 very slow

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I am running TMG 8.08 with WIndows 8 (64 bit) on an HP Envy dv7 (Intel i7-3630QM) with 12GB of RAM.

I use TMG with the French Language.

Today, I needed to create a tag for the 1861 Canadian census. Since it had many similarities with an existing tag, the 1871 Canadian census, I decided to copy the tag. The existing 1871 tag contains many roles that apply to the 1861 Canadian census tag that I needed.

After copying the tag, renaming it and adjusting the roles, I immediately started using it, but TMG is very very slow at responding when I use this tag.

The existing 1871 Canadian Census tag is named “Rc 1871”.

Here are the steps that I used to create the tag:

  1. Tools > Master Tag Type List.
  2. Selected “Rc 1871”, then clicked “Copy”.
  3. Answered “Yes” to “Are you sure that you want to copy the “Rc1871” tag type?”.
  4. The newly tag was created and was named “Rc 18711”.
  5. Double-clicked on “Rc 18711” tag.
  6. Modified the Label field to “Rc 1861”.
  7. Modified the Past tense field to “Rc 1861”.
  8. Modified the 20 roles to reflect the 1861 census.
  9. Clicked on “OK”.

Issue with using the new tag:

  1. Press <F4>.
  2. Double-clicked “Rc 1861”, then the waiting begins (at least 30 seconds)
  3. Add the ID # for the principal. No issue.
  4. Click “ajouter un témoin” (yellow plus to add a witness). Waiting again (over 10 minutes).
  5. Add the ID # for the witness. Waiting again.
  6. Select a role.
  7. Click OK.

With several witness to add, this process takes almost an hour for 1 family. Not very productive. With a large amount of data to analyze, this is very frustrating.

This is the second tag that I have that is now producing the same kind of result.

I reported a very similar issue previously:





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Since you reference this Forum post, I presume it is you who commented today on the TMG-L E-Mail list:

The sentences associated to these tags are not very long. There are a total of 19 roles in the tag. I have not been able to reproduce this behaviour, but do have two tags that demonstrate it.

Could you copy/paste the sentences for these two tags here? Maybe one of us users could spot the issue. Be sure to include each sentence for each role defined and used for these tags.

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Did you need to copy the Tag Type or just the tag? I have copied tags for the U.S. Federal Census years and I copy just the tag with the roles. I also created a few words to reduce the roles using the male and female sentence. My roles include parent-in-law and sibling-in-law along with the obvious roles of child, parent, sibling, grandchild and family. Family covers all of the other relationships for a related person.


I do not know if this will make a difference in speed. After reinstalling 8.08 and restoring my last backup from 8.04 instead of 8.06 and reentering my skipped data for about a month my speed returned to normal. However in just the last day it has slowed down again when I load my database or click on a tag to edit in the Tag Type List. I have not edited my tags except to turn the Tag Label Colors to a custom color or back to the default for at least 10 days.


Maybe the speed problem is caused by something else.

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I use TMG with the French language and have been trying to correct some translation errors (on my part) associated with the role names and have stopped because everytime that I started playing with Role names and sentence structure at the same time. Slow speed issues keep re-appearing.



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