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Can't Print "List Of People" Report

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I'm running TMG ver 8.08 under Windows 7 on a 64bit machine.


I can successfully generate a "List of People" report under the Report Destination/Screen Preview option, but cannot print it. When I click on the Print icon on the report page, nothing happens. Alternately, when I tried the "Printer" option under the Report Destination choices, I get an error message: "OLE Error Code oX80040154: Class not registered".


What haven't I done?

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I now find that I get similar results when trying to print out the screen version of a Descendant's Indented Chart. I haven't tried any other report, but I suspect it may be true for them also.

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This fixes it.


1) Close TMG
2) Click on the Windows button
3) Type "cmd" (no quotes) in the "Search programs and files" field.
4) cmd.exe should appear at the top of the list. RIGHT-click on it and choose "Run as administrator" (very important!)
5) type: "cd windowssyswow64" (as always, no quotes) (or "cd windowssystem32" for a 32-bit system) and press enter.
6) type: "regsvr32 cdintf400.dll /u" and press enter. You should get a message that it succeeded.
7) press the up arrow and the previous line should be repeated. Hit twice to remove the "/u"
(or type "regsvr32 cdintf400.dll" from scratch) and press enter. You should get another message that it succeeded.
8) Type "Exit" and press Enter to close the window (or click on the X if that works)
The TMG8 tip covering this problem is here...

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