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Susan Moore

More Fields in the Output Column of the List of People Report

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I have a number of List of People reports that exceed nine fields for what I want to include in the Output Columns. With including flags that are only one digit and/or creating the report in the Excel format; the total width of the fields is not an issue. I never directly print a report because my reports are either viewed on the screen (for quick viewing) or exported to Excel and occasionally Word.


Presently, I create a report and a part 2 and copy and paste the columns from the second report into the Excel worksheet of the first report.


My extreme example has about 50 fields with only 13 of the fields being larger than a single digit and even 5 of these are very small. The single digit fields are all flags that I have created except for 2 of the standard flags.


Would it be possible to allow for more fields to be included on the List of People reports? At least 12-15 would be terrific. Does there need to be a limit to the number of fields?


Susan Moore

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