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TMG 8.08 UK Tag Entry missing things from TMG7

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So I have the new TMG 8.08 UK edition and this weekend have started trying to use it.


I am putting in a new Tag Entry for a person, but I notice there are several things missing that where there in TMG 7




a) Sort Date

B) A list of witnesses



I used both these a lot. The sort date I use so that I can get a list of occupations and residences grouped together, and the witnesses I use to avoid duplicating details for example on a census.


Have these things now gone? or is it merely a matter of me re-setting up something?


Apologies if this is stupid question.




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Simon, no question is stupid. You are in Beginner mode vs. Advance mode. Go to File > Preferences and then under Program Options, click on Data Entry, then slect Advanced under Data Entry Mode then click Apply. Other preferences may also need to be restored. Check the other settings, particularly Current Project Options > Advanced for the file locations.


Hope this helps!


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