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Repeated need to unlock full version of Master Genealogist v8

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Since I have been on Windows 8 64-bit I almost invariably need to "Unlock the Full Version" whenever I run Master Genealogist. That is I receive the dialog box saying "Unlock the Full Version. Thank you for using The Master Genealogist! Expired trial version ...."


If I dismiss the dialog box, the program actually seems to run, although I have not actually been adding information recently.


I would very much like to be free of this nagging message. How can I accomplish this?


- David P

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David -


Answer below is from Jim Byram to a similar thread (note step 1 is specifically by 'right-clicking on the shortcut'):



There is a solution that you can use to make this go away. (And this also works with TMG7 and any other program that has this issue under Windows 8.)


The next time that Win8 deletes the registration data...

1) Run TMG8 once as administrator (by right-clicking on the shortcut and selecting 'Run as administrator').
2) Unlock.
3) Exit TMG.





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