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Person Detail - Non Primary Events

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Every time I start the Master Genealogist I have to open the Preferences, Programs Option, Tag Box and re-select the show non-primary events.


Is there something I am missing?

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It looks like something that should never be broken is broken. I can't save any change to that setting also. There should be a manual work-around. ho... I need to test.


Also... You can change the setting in the Tag Box right-click menu (Filter for...). No need to open Preferences.




Really strange. Once I changed the setting manually, it started working again when changed in the program.


You need to edit the app.ini file located in the User Program data folder.


Use Help / Access Folders / user program data folder to open this folder.


Exit TMG.


Edit the app.ini file with Notepad.


Find this setting and change the setting to Yes or No as you wish.


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