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Virginia Blakelock

One generation - 10 children plus spouses on letter size paper

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These charts are in response to Randy Seaver's blog (Genea-Musings, Sept 18th, here ), concerning a request from a correspondent for a one-page letter-size descendant chart showing a family with ten children plus spouses. In following messages on his web site Randy demonstrated his unsuccessful attempts in three other genealogy programs to fit the people onto a single page.


The first VCF chart below is a standard left-to-right descendant chart - more economical of space than a top-to-bottom chart. The second chart is a waterfall chart, taking up even less space. Both images are of 8.5 x 11 pages. (Note: the family is partially fictitious and with some blank boxes in order to come up with ten children in one generation.)


Click on images to view full size.


LR_Standard.jpg Pettibone10children.jpg


Chart settings for Waterfall chart:
Descendant chart
Options / Orientation: Left to Right
Lines tab > Waterfall
Data: Lifespan
Box width: 139 pixels
Frame: None
Text: Names Tahoma 9,R
Data lines : Tahoma 9,R
The Box Colors are custom colors, created in TMG. The color of the Spouse's boxes was manually lightened (hand-colored) in the chart. The instructions for hand-coloring charts are here .
[Edited 27 Sept to include chart settings for Waterfall chart, to update the chart examples, and to add a link to instructions for hand-coloring boxes in a created chart.]


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