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Registration Details in TMG

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I am using TMG V7 Gold. I recently changed my email address and advised Wholly Genes.
When I use <help> <About TMG> the popup window displays my old email address which is now inactive.

How do I change this to the correct address?


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I don't think you can, and if you did your serial number would no longer work. The serial number is tied to the email address you used when you obtained the license.


Since you have advised WG of your new address you should get any emails correctly. The address in the Help>About screen really doesn't do anything other than to remind you of the one expected by the serial number. BTW, you will need to enter that email address if you should have occasion to install this version of TMG on a new computer. When a new major (paid) update is issued you will be able to use your then current address for it.

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