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I am using TMG V7 Gold.
I am reading Terry's Source tutorial where he describes in Step-by-step, defining a new source.

The source type he uses is 'email' and he describes choosing it from a drop-down list.
My version does not list 'email' as an available type.

I need to use this type. How do I get it?

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I'd assume you are using the UK version of TMG, which means the Source Types supplied are the UK versions. It looks to me like there are two E-mail Source Types in that version - one for single emails and one for multiple ones. Do you not see them?


The output templates are a bit different than those in the US version, but you can change them if you prefer that version.

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Thanks Terry, As far as I know I am using the US version as I do not recall requesting the UK version.
My 'about TMG' window does not show anything about UK.
Mine displays " Gold Edition v 7.01.0000


So my question remains - How do I get the email source template to display?

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Do you see the other source types shown in the screenshot in my tutorial?


If so and there is no E-Mail Message source type, I can only assume it has somehow gotten deleted from your Project. If that's the case, it's easy enough to restore it with these steps:


1. From the Tools menu, choose Source Types. In the Source Types screen, click Add to open the Add Source Types screen.


2. In the top field, Custom Source Type, enter:

E-Mail Message


3. in the "is most similar to" drop-down, choose E-Mail Message


4. In the Full Footnote field, copy and paste:

[AUTHOR], "[TITLE]," e-mail message from ([ADDRESS]) to [RECIPIENT]<. hereinafter cited as title>.


5. In the Short Footnote field, copy and paste:

[AUTHOR], "[sHORT TITLE]," e-mail to [RECIPIENT].


6. In the Bibliography field, copy and paste:

[AUTHOR] "[TITLE]." E-mail message from [AUTHOR E-MAIL] at [ADDRESS]<.>.


7. In the Reminder field, copy and paste:

Source Definition:
- Title - enter the subject of the e-mail.
- Short Title - enter the subject of the e-mail, shortened if it is long.
- Author - enter the name of the author in the form "Surname, GivenName".
- Recipient - enter the name of the recipient in the form "Surname, GivenName".
- Date - enter the date of the e-mail (optional).
- Address - enter the physical address of the author.
- Author E-mail - enter the e-mail address of the author, e.g., "samplename@samplebusiness.com".

- Citation Detail - enter notes about how the source supports information in the tag (optional).


Click OK and you are done.

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