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Another person who can't import from Family Tree Maker

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I am another potential user who can't import my file from Family Tree Maker. I exported as a 2008-2009 backup format and then tried to import. Got the same DLL error others have mentioned and then the program hangs up after importing 18 people. I was thinking of purchasing the program since it was recommended by my Genealogy instructor and because I used it a number of years ago and liked it, but I have done an awful lot of work on my database and don't want to have to start over or lose anything trying to transfer using a gedcom. Being able to import from FTM was one of the main reasons I wanted to try this program. If that isn't working it makes me wonder what other advertised features may not work. It sounds as if this issue has been known for a while. Do you have any ideas on how I can make this work? Thank you.


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The Family Tree Maker import stopped working correctly in TMG v8.05 but the problem wasn't discovered until users reported it fairly recently.


The Family Tree Maker 2008/2009 import should work in TMG v9.00.

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