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Brian Gross

Attempted Immigration and Deportatation - How handle?

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I am trying to decide the best way to document someone who made two attempts to emigrate to the US, being deported on the first attempt.


I use the standard emigrate, event-misc and immigrate tags for this situation. These tags produce an individual narrative that has this basic structure.


He emigrated on Date #1 from xx.

He was deported on Date #2 at yy.


He emigrated on Date #3 from xx.

He immigrated on Date #4 to yy.


This is acceptable but is a bit lumbering. (Ignoring the grammar that needs correction.)


Note that I use "emigrate" for "attempted to emigrate". Is that something I should consider handling differently?


Does anyone have a different way to handle this situation? Perhaps something that produces a smoother individual narrate?


Thanks for your help!





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