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John Stimson III

Can't generate / view VCF charts

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I just downloaded the evaluation version of TMG v9. I imported a data set from Family Tree Maker (.FTW file). I have tried to display an ancestor box chart in Visual Chartform, which results in drawing a window frame which immediately disappears. I tried saving as a bitmap file, and no bitmap file is created. I tried reducing the number of generations from 10 to 3, still no chart displayed. I also tried a fan chart, and got no display.


Is the evaluation version not capable of displaying charts?


I am running Windows 7 x64 with 8GB RAM.



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I couldn't generate any VCF charts in TMG9 either.


Tried the v9 VCF.exe and it wouldn't run.


Then installed TMG8 and can now create charts from TMG9.


There is an issue here that doesn't occur when there is a TMG8 installation and I've filed a bug submission.


(The cause of the problem is now known and should be resolved for TMG v9.01.)

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