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Jim Rassette

Problems after installing TMG on a new laptop

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I recently installed TMG version 8.08 on my new laptop (win 8.1) and seem to have a couple of problems.


The program keeps asking (not every time) for me to enter my password even though I had already done that the first time. The password still shows up on the HelpAbout The Master Genealogist window even when I bypass the request. Is this a known bug?


I seem to remember gridlines on the person, children and siblings views but have none now. Am I missing something?







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Jim -


There has been a problem with Win8 removing the v8 registration information. You can try rightclicking on the TMG icon and running one time (one time only) as Administrator and see if that solves the problem permanently. If not, there is a more complicated fix in the message here.


Re gridlines: Preferences / Program Options / Lists.



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Thanks, Virginia.


I thought there was a preference option but somehow overlooked it when I first reset all my project preferences two weeks ago.


I'll let you know if the unlock problem comes up again.

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