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I just downloaded v. 9.01. The instructions are to "backup and restore" my data from v.8. But backup how? There are a multitude of choices in the backup process. Do I just do a "normal" backup, or do I do a more extensive backup, such as when I send my backup to support for their inspection?

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Backup your project in TMG8. This is so that you will have a backup of your project when you move to v9.


Restore your project in TMG9.


If you want to carry any customizations from TMG8 to TMG9, include those in your backup. You should ONLY backup those customizations that you have actually changed. (layouts, custom toolbars, etc.). You should not include any customizations that you have not changed (language, for example, in most cases).


TMG8 and TMG9 use different data folders so there should be no overwrite of your TMG8 data by TMG9.


Be sure to edit the paths on the Advanced tab in the TMG9 project to make sure that these settings use the TMG9 paths.


TMG v9.01 projects are backwards compatible to v8.08. TMG v9.02 projects will NOT be backwards compatible to v8.08.

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