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daryl edmonds

Pocket Genealogist

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I have a Windows phone and would like to put TMG on it using the Pocket Genealogist program. However, I seem to have hit a problem. When I go to install the program I get an error message as follows:


The Microsoft Database driver used for the 'direct' RootsMagic (Version 3 or older) and The Master Genealogist import is not working. Press the 'Web' button to go to the Microsoft website for information on how to resolve.

If you aren't doing 'direct' imports from RootsMagic or The Master Genealogist, you may ignore this warning. Otherwise, you may wish to stop the install and fix first.
When I press the "Web" button I get sent to a web page "Visual FoxPro Downloads" with a list of 8 downloads. Which one, if any, do I need to download?
Does anyone on the forum use Pocket Genealogist? If so, are you happy with the output it supplies. It seems to me that it would be a lot better than lugging a laptop around

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Thanks, Jim.


After a bit deeper digging I found Pocket Genealogist won't work on my phone (Nokia 920, Win Phone 8). They support Windows Mobile devices, which are 4 or more years old, now. Pity!

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