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Best practices--Narrative reports

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Still using v7.04.


Years ago, I created a custom tag called "obit". I put it in the death group. Now I'm much wiser and realize I want to be able to make both deaths and obits primary. Is there a way to get "obit" out of "death" and put it in "other"? That would solve my problem, wouldn't it? Or would I have to create a new obit tag and then re-enter everything?


So, if that won't work, I'll have to decide how to live with narrative reports that are either "primary events only" or "all events." The latter shows every birth-alt date and I don't want that. Can I exclude all the non-primary birth-alt or other redundant events? I looked in the help and see exclusion markers for memos, but not for tags. I believe this is controlled in the report options, but it's all or nothing this way.


Basically, what I want in my narrative reports are the normal primary BMDB events and the text of obituaries that I have transcribed over the years. Once I get this figured out, I can take that knowledge and decide if there are other tags I also want to include, like occupation. Or whatever.


I'll eventually upgrade to v9, would doing it now help me with this problem? I read Terry's TMG Tips all the time, and I'm not seeing anything that looks like a new feature in this regard.


Thanks for your help. Hope Rootsweb comes back up soon so we can commence with the list.

Robin in Short Pump

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I just ran into a complication. Nothing I can't live with, but I'd prefer to fix it if I can.


My original Obit tag had a "Survivor" role. I forgot about that when I set up my new obit tag, so when I used TMGU to change from the old tag to the new one, I lost all my survivors (on about 350 obits). These roles aren't anything I ever intended to show on reports, it was just for my own research purposes. I haven't deleted the old tag, I just renamed it. Is it possible to reclaim those survivors if I change back to the old tag? Or are they just gone?

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