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Line overrun (no wrap) - Descendant Indented Chart

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Whenever I run a 'descendant indented chart' I get lines running off the page. I do not see any options that would govern this. What am I missing?


Thanks :lookaround:

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Chuckles -


What version of TMG are you using? The line wrap seems to be working in v9 (see attached thumbnail below) and v8.


In Properties on the report configuration page, do you have your paper size and the margins selected? I find the chart wrap - wrapping back to the margin instead of to the indent - not particularly attractive. Setting the orientation to Landscape might produce a better looking chart for you.


Note that the Descendant Indented Chart is not a box chart (not Visual ChartForm), but a standard report. You can create a box chart version of the Descendant Indented Chart; see example here:





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