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Updated project file in TMG 9.03 is empty?

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Hello, I'm helping someone transition to a new computer. Their old computer had TMG 7 on it, along with several project files.

I copied all their files to the new computer, and installed TMG 9 also. We also updated to 9.03. I am able to open up all their old projects (after a backup and update) and see the contents, and they seem to work properly - except for one. One of the files updates like the others, but opens up blank. No data in it whatsoever.


I restored the backup - same thing.

I restored an older backup from an external hard drive - same thing.


The old computer with TMG 7 is not available to try and open the un-updated files on.


I'm a newbie with TMG, but experienced and confident with other computer issues.


Any words of wisdom for me? :) Thank you!

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Hi Ben,


Welcome to the Forum.


It is usually not a good idea to simply copy the files from TMG folders, as a single project may involve nearly a hundred files, and missing just one can be a big problem. That can especially be true if you paste the copies into folders with completely different path names. I don't know the internals of TMG, but there may be internal pointers which now won't find what they need. The copied project may update, but still have problems, and then making a backup of that problem project is of little value.


Hopefully you have a TMG backup (.sqz file) of that project made on the previous V7 system? That is what I would recommend starting from. Restore it on your new system, which should update some of the pointers. Then open it which will update it to V9. Then go into Preferences and correct any pathnames which are stored with the project.


Hope this helps,

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