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Journal Report Marriage & List of Children

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I used Terry's Tips, 'Using Roles to Manage Multiple Marriages' and had it working, but now for some reason I have lost the word 'Married' from the list of children as shown below -


The five known children of James1 Dunbar (1:15607) and Elizabeth Gillan (1:15606) were as follows:
2 i. Janet2 DUNBAR (1:55214), born 1773; William Hay Edinvail (1:55213).
+ 3 ii. William DUNBAR (1:55212), born say 1774; Jane Wright (1:55211).
+ 4 iii. Alexander DUNBAR (1:9994), born 10 Feb 1775 Dallas, Morayshire, Scotland; Margaret McIntosh (1:9993); Elizabeth Garrow (1:12137); died 12 May 1863 Yellowbog, Dallas, Morayshire, Scotland.
+ 5 iv. John DUNBAR (1:55145), born 3 Oct 1778 Dallas, Morayshire, Scotland.
6 v. David DUNBAR (1:7329), christened 3 Oct 1778 Dallas, Morayshire, Scotland.


Could someone please help?


Pat Dunbar


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