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Language issue

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I found this via TMG Utility, but I don't think it's caused by TMG Utility, so I'm posting it here.


If, in TMG-U, I search for "[L=" (without the quotes) I get a logfile that notes 44,392 records and 304 records with the target. Of the 304, most entries look something like this:


#8, '[L=ENGLISH]<In [D]> <[M]>'
Event: Misc 17 Jul 1850, Subject(P1) Name=William Nathan Harris (#8), Subject Role=00001


But a few look like this:


#9, '[L=AFRIKAANS]She was buried <[D]> <[L].><[M]>[L=DANISH]She was buried <[D]> <[L].><[M]>[L=DUTCH]She was buried <[D]> <[L].><[M]>[L=ENGLISH]She was buried <[D]> <[L].><[M]>[L=ENGLISH2]She was buried <[D]> <[L].><[M]>[L=FRENCH]She was buried <[D]> <[L].><[M]>[L=GERMAN]She was buried <[D]> <[L].><[M]>[L=ITALIAN]She was buried <[D]> <[L].><[M]>[L=NORWEGIAN]She was buried <[D]> <[L].><[M]>[L=Norwegia2]She was buried <[D]> <[L].><[M]>'
Event: Burial, Subject(P1) Name=Jane Cynthia Smith (#9), Subject Role=00001


To the best of my recollection, I have never used any language other than English in TMG. I've never even set up the specialized languages I've seen people talk about on the TMG email list. I looked at the sentence above in the Tag Type List and in the record for that individual, and there doesn't seem to be anything unusual about it. I use that burial tag a lot, and this is the only instance of that tag with this issue in the log file.

There are other tags, however, with multiple languages displayed.


Do I need to/Can I do something about this? If the [L=English] is necessary, why are there only 304 instances of it in the log file?



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I've found a few tags with local sentences in every language too, which I never created. I corresponded with John Cardinal on this, who said he had seen it a few times too. He suspects it was caused by some bug in TMG long ago, hopefully fixed. The biggest risk seems to be if you should want to actually output in one of those languages in which case this sentence would override the actual sentence in that language.


I've never pursued trying to repair it as it didn't seem a big enough issue to bother with.

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