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Problems Installing TMG v9.04

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I have two computers, a laptop and a desk top both running Windows 7 64 bit. I have TMG 9.04 loaded on the laptop and it runs fine. I copied the TMG setup file to a thumb drive and tried to install it on the desk top. The install did not add the exe file so when I clicked on the icon I didn't get TMG. So I uninstalled it and down loaded V9.04 from the web site and installed it. When I click on restore to load the sqz files that I copied from the laptop I get a error. It says "OLE error code 0x80040154: Class not registered. 72" "GETFILEX"


I need help. Thank you in advance.

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I ran the repair option. TMG opens fine . When I click on the TMG icon on the desk top I get the splash screen and then the Welcome to The Master Genealogist menu. If I click on the sample it opens just fine. Then I click on close project and try to reopen the sample project again or if I click on the restore to load my sqz files I get the same error message. If I click on "Abort" it goes back to main screen if I click on "Ignore" it goes through about five different error screens and goes back to the main screen.

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