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tmg 9 installation

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When attempting to install TMG 9 on a new computer by opening the TMG9setup.exe file, I get the following error preventing me from completing the installation.

" Error opening installation log file. Verify that the specitied location exists and is writable."

If I run the file as an Administrator it will not acc ept my Key code putting me on the 30 day trial.

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You message is not clear. The first sentence says that you can't install the program. The last sentence says that you installed the program and can't unlock it.


The install log is located in this folder...

C:\ProgramData\The Master Genealogist v9 Installer


Unlocking requires four pieces of data exactly as received in your registration email for the appropriate TMG version... first name, last name, email address and registration number. Unlock errors typically come from using the wrong email address.


I would suggest trying a clean install as described in this topic...


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