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My PC failed - what do I do now?

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The PC I was running TMG on failed. I have moved its hard drive to another computer, and can still copy files from it.


I don't know what version of TMG I was running. I know it was a UK version.


How do I get a version (preferably the latest version) of TMG running on my new laptop?


Can I discover my licence key somehow? Can I discover which version I was running? Can I buy an upgrade? Can I get an installer?


I hope someone can help me, otherwise all those years of work risk being wasted...


Thanks - Rowan

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Wholly Genes sales ended at the end of September and support ended at the end of December.


The latest version (v9.05) can be downloaded here...



The v8.08 UK installer is here...



If you need an installer for a different version, arrangements can be made.


If you don't have computer and TMG backups and didn't backup or record your registration information, there is no way to answer your questions.

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You can try sending a request for your license information to support@whollygenes.com.


You can determine which version you have by inspecting the hard drive from the PC that crashed. Look in the Program Files folder for an entry with "The Master Genealogist" in the name. (The folder name typically includes the major version number, v7, v8, or v9). Inside that folder you will find tmg7.exe, tmg8.exe, or tmg9.exe, depending on which version you have. If you right click and select properties, then click on "Details", you'll see the full version number. Examples are "8.8.0 and "9.5.0".

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Thanks for this information. I should really have been able to work most of that out for myself.


I have now downloaded and installed TMG version 9.


It appears that I purchased version 7, and I have found the licence key. Needless to say, it doesn't work in version 9. I have tried opening my project in version 9, and it tells me that it is a version 5/6 project file, and that to open it I have to open it in version 5/6 and export it, them import it into version 9. I don't have version 5, or 6, or 7, because the computer that it was installed on failed. What do I do now?


One thing that would I suppose work is for someone who has a working copy of version 5 or 6 to open my project and export it for me. Is anyone prepared to do this?


How do I unlock version 9?


Thanks for your help - Rowan

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How do I unlock version 9?




You had better move fast.


You don't have a backup? If not, I'll deal with the TMG 5/6 issue.


Send me the TMG 5/6 project folder in a ZIP file after deleting the CDX files. You can contact me by clicking on the link below...

Jim Byram


Even if you can't get a license, you should consider my comments in this message...


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