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TMG9 - New Tag Entry uses wrong person

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This is a very new problem for me. When I try to add a new tag for Person X, the tag entry box does not appear with Person X as the Principal. The box appears with my #1 person in the project (the first person I ever created many years ago) as the Principal person for whom the tag is being created, and with Person X for whom I am trying to add the tag as the witness. The type of tag being created does not seem to matter.

What have I done wrong?

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Sorry to hear of your problem, Helen. I doubt that you have done anything wrong.


It sounds like you have encountered one of the few bugs remaining in the final version 9.05.

I have posted what I know as remaining bugs on my web site.

It is possible you have encountered the known issue of strange ID numbers in the List of Recently Viewed People.

See my description of this issue and suggested workaround here.


Hope this helps,

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I have tried Michael's fix for getting a random person when adding a tag. The problem is even more baffling. The Random Person selected is not even in the Recently Viewed list.


So I tried working around the problem by removing the Random Person as I started a new tag, entering my Chosen Person as the Principal and then deleting the person who appeared as a witness (the one I wanted as the Principal). The Baptism tag data entered correctly. But when I closed the tag by saying OK, nearly all the data was missing from the tag. So I deleted my new tag and then entered it again. I then had two Baptism tags. Doing it again resulted in 3 tags.


A curious problem. Helen

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Thank you again, Michael.

We have done the Optimize/VFI/Optimize routines. A few small problems found but that did not fix it.

What solved the problem was going back to the last backup, which was less than 48 hours before the problem started. We usually backup every day. Will be more vigilant in future. Now just a few more entries to be made.

Thanks, Helen

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