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Serial Number V8 help

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The Serial Number / Unlock code should have been sent to you in an email. Perhaps you might be able to find it in an old email?


If you still have your TMG Version 8 installed on an old computer, you can find its Serial No. by the TMG Help menu item "About The Master Genealogist". You can also cause TMG to create a "Trouble Report" text file which will contain all the license information (User Name, Email, Serial number) from the TMG Help menu item "Technical Support" and then click on the "Trouble Report" button.


If you do not still have your TMG installed somewhere, be aware that the Wholly Genes store has closed. However, there have been reports that one of the staff still monitors the company's e-mail address, and may be able to help. Write to support@whollygenes.com and enclose as much information about your purchase as possible, e.g. date of purchase, your name, address, e-mail. It is possible that Dorothy still will be able to help find and send you your Serial number.


Finally, while you may have the original disk, that installer file is probably a very early version of Version 8. You should download and save the most complete and final version of the full updated installer file of Version 8 while it is still accessible from the Upgrade center here. That file is the full installer and is all that is needed (plus Serial number) to install the complete TMG program. Once you download it, be sure to write it and a text file containing your license information (User Name, Email, Serial number) on a CD and save that CD in case you need to install TMG again somewhere.


Hope this helps,

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