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Cannot open or restore project

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Using Win 7 and TMG v9.05. Cannot open or restore project.

Attempted to optimize and computer froze. I did not have a cloud backup nor external drive connected and I shut off my virus protection and scanning before optimizing.

Restarted computer and TMG. Sample Project file will open. My data file will not. error "missing _NPV.dbf" Attempts to restore last backup and one previous to that all get error message that "someone else is using the project" and will not restore.

Uninstalled and reinstalled TMG with same results. No longer get file dbf missing message, just "someone else is using the project" and will not restore either of the last two backups.

Found a windows error message 12-05-2015, 13:01:37 13Alias 'BASE' is not found. 24 FILTERDATA2 but I do not know where this fits in. Assume it is from when computer froze and I forced shutdown.
Any suggestions?

Thanks, Judi

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Any project that you were running when the system froze has a high possibility of being damaged.


Run the v9.05 installer and select [Repair] to make sure that the installation is OK.


Delete all files in the Temp folder. Some files might be in use and will need to be skipped. That's OK.

C:\Users\your user account name\AppData\Local\Temp




Then try TMG again.

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Thanks, Jim. Teresa Ghee Elliott told me to send my backup to a new project folder. That worked and now I have my project open.


Should I still go in and delete the Temp files? Do you have any other suggestions for cleanup?

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