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Have code number but may not have correct name

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My computer crashed about a month ago and I have installed the latest version of 8 but can't get permission to the full version. I have the rediculously long key code but it keeps telling me something is wrong. I was wondering if it might the the name. Where it says first should it be just the first? I have tried my name and my wife's name and also my name with first initial. Is there some way of sending an e-mail to someone who can give me the information I seem to need?



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I have just reinstalled my version 8 onto my computer.


If you still have your email that you received from your supplier of Version 8 , I did my online though Wholly Genes it will give you your name that you ordered the software in


eg If it was Jack Smith the obviously the First name is Jack, Last will be Smith, Email will be the account that you received the email from the supplier


and the humungous code I just cut and Paste


If all is correct it should unblock


Hope this helps

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