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Margaret V

Reinstalled purchased TMG v. 9.03 Gold unlock thinks I have demo disk

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I recently experienced a computer crash, resulting in HP's replacing the video card and updating/resetting BIOS. I am running WIndonws 8.1 on a 64 bit computer. When I reinstalled TMG v. 9.03 Gold from my CD, put in the unlock code, the program stated I was running a demo disk good for 30 days (have 28 days left). I was successful in restoring my backed up data. I have attempted to Run as Administrator. The latest dialogue box stated


"Registration data is invalid. You will be prompted to register again when you next start the application. In the meantime we will continue in trial mode. Please contact tech support if you continue to have trouble."


My version 9.03 Gold was purchased on 8/5/2014. I upgraded from v. 8 U.S. Gold.


How do I obtain the upgrades from v. 9.03 to 9.04 and 9.05?

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I've moved your post from the Practice Forum to this Section so others will find it.


You do not need to upgrade incrementally, in fact you should have installed the current version. You can download the US edition from this link.


Typical reasons for your registration number not being recognized are:


1. You used the serial number from a prior version, not the one for TMG9.


2. You used a newer email address rather than the one you used when you purchased TMG9.


3. You hand typed in the number rather than using copy and paste, and made a typing error.

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Installation Registration


Good afternoon from Tucson, AZ.

I am an 8 year user of TMG, current Version 7.04.


I have never upgraded to Version 8 because I am satisfied with Version 7.04, until now.


I have downloaded the current US version of 9.03 on a 30 day trial version.


How do I get a full version?


How do I get an unlock key for this version? My version 7.04 unlock key does not work?


How much does Version 9.03 gold cost?


I appreciate any help you can give me in getting the full 9.03 Gold version.


Dick Wood



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If you downloaded it recently from this site it is version 9.05, not 9.03. If you actually have 9.03 you need to get the current version.


Wholly Genes has not sold the program since last September. Last I heard a Dutch beta tester and dealer, Harry Goegebeur, still had a few licenses left. You can reach him at Harry.Goegebeur@genea.be and see if he still does and what his price is.

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