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Joe Cummings

Changing a source definition format preserving cited tags

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Windows 7, TMG v9.05


I have built a new source definition format and would like to replace a current set of sources without going to every event tag using that source set and manually altering their source designations. For example, say two event tags use source number 20. I need to replace the source definition content for source 20 without loosing that reformatted citation in the two event tags. The main problem is that all four Tab contents in the new source definition are changed. If it was just the supplemental, attachment and output form sections there would be no problem. I find no way to change the general tab content because I am changing (mostly adding) new fields in the new format. I have 45 distinct sources that would need to be changed (could manually add and remove fields in each source-very time consuming) and about 5 of them have over 100 event citations with the highest at 350.



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Do you mean that you have created a new Source Type which have new Source Templates for Full and Short Footnotes and for Bibliography? I assume that this new Source Type is similar to an older existing Source Type but uses some different and some new Source Elements. And, you want to change Source Number 20 to the new Source Type. Also, the old Source had data in it which you want to retain in it using the new Source Type (maybe moving some data to new Source Elements and adding new data for added Source Elements.


The simple way to do this is open Source Number 20 for Editing, click on the [source Type] button and select the new Source Type. The General Tab will change to show the new Source Type Source Elements. Those that were the same as in the old Source Type will remain and retain their data. If some old Source Elements are no longer used, the data will remain and you can copy/paste from the old field into the new field. And for completely new data, you can enter it as normal.



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