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spell checker

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People, I am a long time user of TMG, and I plan to keep on using it forever.


The ONE thing I would like to tweek is the spell checker.


I DO NOT use Word. Instead I use LibraOffice, a free alternative.


I DO use the internal spell checker in TMG, but it really is an 'unfriendly dog''. As far as I can tell, there are only 2 options - Word or internal. I know I can type into a external app, spell check, then paste into my memo fields etc,, but I find that this time consuming process is worse than putting up with the interal spell checker.


Is there a work around where I can use any other external freely available spell checker?


I am looking for something that invokes from within TMG. I am willing to install any other Free Office or word processing app. I am NOT willing to pay Mictosoft, or anyone else, significantly more for a spell checker than I paid for my genealogy program.


Obviously TMG is somehow configured to use Word spell checker if I have Word installed, and I am willing (and more or less able) to amend configuration files at a deep level to get this to work. I am, however and alas, not clever enough to explore the ineer workings of the app to find out where the spell checker is invoked...




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This is not a feature that can be configured.


Your only real option is to use the internal spell checker and build up the dictionary.

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