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Report limited to citations with single source

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I'm using TMG 9.05.

I often use a list of citations filtered by source number to clean up my database.


Is there any way to alter the report to only include citations with a single source only rather than those with more than one source? Or maybe some other method to accomplish the goal of finding citations with one specific source only?





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To find all Citations to a specific Source, choose "Filtered Group" in the upper part of the Report Definition Screen. Then Add a filter like:


Source Number = [?] END


When you run the report a screen will open asking you to enter the source number. Either type it in, or use the binoculars button to search for it.

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Thanks for the fast reply.

I didn't make my question clear, unfortunately, sorry.


I now use the technique you suggested to produce a report of citations with a specific source number but what I am trying to do is filter the report further, such that I only obtain results where only that particular source is used, rather than that source in addition to other sources.


For Example:

The report may list a Marriage Tag with the desired source but that Marriage Tag also includes an additional source (2 sources).


I am trying to limit the report to cases were all of the results have only the source used in the filter and no others.


I was looking for some sort of 'number of sources = 1' type of filter in addition to the 'source Number = [XXX]' filter element but I haven't found anything that can do that.


Thanks again for the help,



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You want events in which a specific source is cited, and that is the only source cited? Right?


Paul has got you on the right track. You can't specify from the List of Citations report how many other citations there are to that tag. The List of events report will get you mostly there. Use a filter of:


Any Citation... Src Number = 123 AND

Number of Citations = 1 END


where "123" is the source number. Or you could put the code [?] there.


However, that will only get you citations to Event Tags. That misses Name Tags and Relationship Tags.


The list of Names report will only get you part way there, with the filter:


# of Citations = 1 End


There is no report for Relationship tags.


Another approach is to use the List of Citations report in Columnar format, and include in the output:


Linked Event; # of Citations, and

Linked Name; # of Citations
You could sort these two to the top and then easily see the ones you are looking for.
There is no such option for Relationship tags I'm afraid.

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Great! Thanks to Terry and Paul for the help.

Between the List of Events properly filtered and adding # of citations element to the List of Citations report I will get virtually everything I need.


Thanks to both of you for taking the time to educate me, I really appreciate it.



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