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Error when trying to open TMG

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I just changed computers and am getting an error of



The program will not open after this and exits.


Can anyone help ?

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Never seen this error. It suggests an error in the program path in the registry.


As a first step, I'd run the installer and select [Repair].


You should be using the v8.08 installer and that's available here...



If you are not using v8.08, download the installer and run it to install version 8.08.


Also, it all of the cases above, run the installer as administrator. Right-click on the installer icon and select 'Run as administrator'.

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You say you just changed computers. In addition to what Jim suggests above, I would highly recommend reviewing Terry's Tips about installing TMG on a new computer. See his web page here.

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Back in January you said you "just changed computers". In a personal message to me yesterday you said this new computer is a Windows 10 computer.

What did you do to "install" TMG on this new computer? If you simply copied the TMG files of the program from the old computer's disk to the new that is undoubtedly the problem. To get TMG to correctly operate on a new computer you must actually run the TMG installer program for that version on that new computer. That installer links TMG correctly to the current operating system. Re-reading your error messages it seems possible you have data in your system register from an old operating system referring to paths which do not exist on the new operating system. That is what makes me think the program files were copied, not installed. Just fixing those registry entries will not be enough, you must actually install the program.

In your personal message you said:

I'm handicapped in that I do not have my original registration email and do not know exactly how to fill out the unlock screen.


The unlock screen needs three pieces of information: the "name" you used when you got your V8 license, the "email address" you were using then, and the V8 unlock code that Wholly Genes sent you back then to that email address. Is it possible that you still have access to your old computer with V8 running on it? If so open TMG on that computer, go to the Help menu, and select the last menu choice "About The Master Genealogist." That will list those three pieces of information: name, email, and Serial No (which is the unlock code).

If you have lost your registration information, you can write support@whollygenes.com. They do on occasion still check that email address, but not very frequently. You should ultimately receive a response but please be patient in case it takes a while. Give them as much information to identify your registration as possible, and they may be able to help. If you don't have access to the V8 installer program, ask here and one of us will point to where you can download that version's installer program.


However, I really strongly recommend that you consider upgrading to the final TMG version. I believe you still can buy a TMG9.05 license over the web by contacting Harry Goegebeur. That will give you new separate unlock data for that separate version's installer program. That final version will read V8 projects and update them to Version 9 so you can work on your existing projects with all the final features and bug fixes.


Hope this gives you ideas,

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Poor choice of words on my part. back in Jan 2016 I did indeed change computers. I think an update that occured between then and now rendered TMG powerless once more.

I have found my registration information and now cannot get in to the program (because of that debug message) to unlock the version.


When I use your link to the intstaller program, I get "404 not found".


any ideas?


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