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It's been quite a while since I last generated a chart with VCF, but am having problems with it now when I try to generate a 4 generation Ancestor Chart with images. It chokes when I Create the chart, VCF opens and shows a blank canvas with the cursor hourglass. Left it running for over an hour while I ate dinner. The progress bar froze at 4 bars and didn't advance. When I clicked the screen I got the message that VCF stopped working. When I retry creating the chart without images, everything works fine. This problem shows up in the archives, with the solution of adjusting the size and resolution of the images. I did that to all primary photos (none greater than 200x200 ppi), and took the resolution down to 150. That still did not work.

Any idea why this Descendant Chart freezes with images? I'm on a Win 7 machine, 12GB memory, TMG 9.05 (Gold). Anything else I can do?

Help appreciated.


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I would try creating the chart first with no images. If that works then it is likely that you have atleast one image whose format is not recognised by the tool that puts that image intoi the chart.


If the no image case works, then start wot create a chart with 50% of the final generations you require.

I that works then about 75% of the generations, or if the 50% failed try 25%.


Continuing halving the generations between the number that works and that doesn't under you find the generation that contains the faulty image.


Then you will need tisolate the images in that generation. Look at the file's extensions and their properties in something like Irfanview.


If the chart does not work without images. Then repeat this sequence with no images until you fiind the generation of failure. The most likely outcome is that you have a circular linkage of a child being linked as the ancestor of ancestor.



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