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Accent characters in TMG Reporting and 2ndSite

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Being a 5th generation NZ’er I have a good number of Māori names scattered throughout my TMG Family Tree; in names, locations and memos. A feature of the Māori language is the use of macrons over some, but by no means all, vowels. But only when those vowels are to be emphasised in speech. The macrons are easily inserted in Word and TMG tag input by using the English (New Zealand) language and the Maori Keyboard and then hitting the ~ key followed by vowel eg: ā, ē, ī, ō, and ū. It also works with capitals.

However, when I print a TMG Report, or a 2ndSite site from the TMG input that includes such macrons I get the following output â, ç, î, ô and û that is circumflexes above a, i, o and u and a c cedilla for an ē.

Is there some easy way of getting around this without finding and replacing every instance in the Report output or, more particularly, in the html of the 2ndSite site?


Roger Jackson


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You can use HTML entity codes for the characters, but its clearly not an easy pill to swallow.


It makes things difficult in TMG because you enter and see (for example) "ā" not the expected ā character, so "Māori", not "Māori". In TMG report output, you'd probably use macros to convert the HTML entity codes to the actual characters. SS output should work without any changes.

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