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Multiple Birth Flag

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#1 Jim

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Posted 03 December 2016 - 06:09 AM

What I would like to do is produce a list of Multiple Births (I'm looking for a list of twins).

I did not use the Multiple Birth Flag from the beginning so any list I produce may not be accurate.


Is there a way of adding this flag to my entire data base? I'm thinking along the lines of a universal change of everyone in my data base.


OR do I have to go through each person detail screen and change each one individually?


If anyone can give me some guidance on this issue, I would greatly appreciate it (or tell me i'm way off base or crazy).





#2 Terry Reigel

Terry Reigel
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Posted 03 December 2016 - 06:23 AM



If you have entered a custom Tag for multiple births you could use that to set the Multiple Birth Flag. But if not, I don't see any way TMG could identify multiple births in order to set the Flag automatically. I don't see a way that the TMG Utility could do this either.


If all the children involved has full day-month-year birth dates it might help to make a list of dates. Use the List of Events report, then send it to Excel. There, sort them by date order and write a formula to identify the same date on two or more subsequent lines. This would at least identify potential multi-births and save you looking at each set of parents manually.


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#3 Michael Hannah

Michael Hannah
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Posted 03 December 2016 - 04:11 PM

I have the same response as Terry, I also do not know of a simple way to do this.  As Terry suggested, I also would use a List of Event report, probably filtered for Birth Group events, and then sort by Date.  Two birth events on the same date would give you candidates, but still would require directly examining these people's data.


Once you find these people, do mark them in some way for future use.  Rather than use the Multiple Birth Flag, I have chosen to add a custom Role to the Birth tag type which I call "multiple".  If Fred and Sam are twins, then Fred is made a Witness with this Role to Sam's Birth tag, and vice versa.  Then I can filter for any Birth event with a Role of "multiple".  For more details see my discussion about Twins and Multiple Birth in the "Custom Tags" chapter of my on-line book:



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