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Changing to a new laptop

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You need to install the TMG program on the new computer. It can't be 'transferred'.


You back up your project(s) on the old computer and restore the project(s) on the new computer.


You can transfer any exhibits using TMG backup or with normal file operations outside of TMG. If the exhibits are in a tree, the tree must be transferred outside of TMG.


If you don't have a TMG v8.08 installer, you can contact me by clicking on the link below and I'll give you a download link.

Jim Byram

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You cannot "transfer" the TMG program - you need to install it on the new machine. My article on Moving Data to New Computer or Version describes how and where to find a copy of the installller. If you have a CD it do not use it unless you are very sure you never applied any of the free upgrades.


After the program is installed you can transfer your data, as described in the same article.

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