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TMG8 problem / corrupt database - or both ?

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After three years and a computer change I want to get back to my TMG database in order to export it to a new item of software.


I have the original V8.0 CD plus the original mail. I am now on Windows 10. Despite running as administrator I cannot get the system to recognise my version as anything other than expired trial - and yes I have verified my serial number by raising a "Trouble Report" and yes the mail address is correct - any more ideas - maybe the uninstall reinstall and run first time as administrator ?


Second question - would this result in my project not opening (errors such as unable to find a file that I can demonstrate is where is should be) but also that when I try to recover from the backup .sqz file the system simply does nothing


So do I have a corrupt file or is it my installation - or both ?


FYI I also have CDs for V5 and 6 - in case that helps


Anything that does not require me to start a new database from scratch please



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You should not be running v8.00. Email me using the link below and I'll send you a link to download v8.08. You need to specify whether the link should be for the US or UK version.

Jim Byram


After you install v8.08, you need to unlock the program two ways.

1) As standard user by running TMG from the shortcut.


2) As administrator by right-clicking on the TMG shortcut and selecting 'Run as administrator'.


If either method is already unlocked, that's OK.


You can directly import the TMG database to the current versions of RootsMagic or Family Historian. For Legacy, you'll need to export a GEDCOM although the coming version of Legacy should do a direct import.

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Hi Jim - I have been a passionate TMG user for the better part of 20 years now, but I am feeling a steady, increasing impulse to migrate my data to one of the "living" programs such as Legacy. Without asking you to wax encyclopedic, I would appreciate your thoughts on Legacy's overall customization abilities compared to TMG 9. Thank you!



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Check out the TMG Refugees mail list, archives and website. Once you are on the mail list, you can ask for access to the website.



Asking how another program compares to TMG is not the way to go since nothing really compares to TMG. You need to examine other programs and see if they fit your needs.

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