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Loading Version 9 on a New Laptop

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My trusty old laptop is beginning to show signs of giving up the ghost, and I need to make sure I can load TMG version 9.05 onto a new laptop. I have backed everything up to external hard drives, but want to make sure I have a good procedure for loading the program and my data onto a new laptop, and would like to solicit comments on how to do this. I think it is simple. Run the file "tmg9setup.exe" then import the backup file. Am I missing something?

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Forgive me if this questions has been posed previously, but here goes. I have TMG 9.05 on both my desktop and laptop. It's time to replace my laptop, so will I be able to install TMG 9.05 on my new laptop since TMG is licensed to run only on two computers and the new laptop would be #3?


Thank you for your assistance.

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