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I have ancestors (fortunately not that many) who immigrated from Germany. Up to now I have been using US place styles to enter the their origins, making assumptions about what is the city, county, etc.


Is their another Place style better to use and if so, where do I find it?


Or, how do others handle this situation?



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The important part is keeping entities of the same type at the same level.


The US and UK styles don't work together because entities of the same type are placed at different levels.


The reason is that filters in the navigation tools such as the Project Explorer and list reports are based on place levels irrespective of what the levels are called. So having a place entity at more than one level breaks the ability to use filters in any reasonable manner.


You can call the levels anything that you wish. Just keep all entities such as cities at the same level in all place styles.

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Hi Bob,


I agree with Jim's cautions and recommendations. As for a discussion of Place Styles, normally I would point you to Terry's Tips, but he (rightly) considers this topic advanced and does not cover it in his introductory web pages. While I do use custom Name Styles extensively myself, I have not currently found a need for custom Place Styles. As Jim suggests, and you indicate, I also have simply been "making assumptions about what is the city, county, etc." However if you are interested in some further issues concerning Place Styles, I do have a short discussion of this topic in the "Data Entry" chapter of my on-line book here.


As an example of how I handle this issue, a Germany place entry I have in one of my projects is:

City: Baltmannsweller

County: Esslingen

State: Württemberg

Country: Germany


Hope this gives you ideas,

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