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TMG keystroke conversion

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I am using TMG on a Mac via parallels. Is there a chart or document that shows TMG keystrokes and their equivalent under Paralells?


I ran into this situation and I to handle it via a workaround: I was adding a spouse through the add person screen. When the alert appeared suggesting I had the person in my database already, I clicked on it and the person appeared in my pick list. For the life of me, I could not select that person as the spouse. I ended closing the pick list and selecting her in a different manner.



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Thanks for the response. Glenn's PDF did not really provide what I wanted. Lacking any known keystroke conversion for Parallels, is there a template of chart that lists the keystrokes and hotkey shortcuts for TMG? I seem to remember someone posting such a document awhile (years?) ago. With that, I may be able to figure out what I need to do in Parallels.

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Look at Help and search for 'Keyboard Shortcuts'. That lists most of them. You can save that help page to a file.


There are more shortcuts in the help 'Navigation using Keyboard' topic.

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