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Focus Groups not working

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I started to create focus groups to organise the export of families by sets of 5 generations. After a while, TMG declined to save any more groups. I deleted several (opened WIndow/Focus Group, then Load and delete from the list), thinking that the number was limited, and now when I start to create a focus group it will let me add the first individual but refused to add the additional people.


I have tried closing and restarting the program, but it didn't help.


Can you tell me where Focus Groups are saved, and how I can rectify the situation.


Many thanks

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Focus groups are stored in the O data table (the focus groups table) and in the B data table (the focus groups members table)


When you are using the Focus Groups window, you are selecting one or more names before using the tools to add names, right? Names are only added in relation to selected names.


If you want me to reset your Focus Group tables, you can send me the_B.dbf and _O.dbf files from your project and I'll clear them. You can do this yourself by deleting focus group members and stored focus groups. You can contact me by email by clicking on the mail link below...

Jim Byram

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When you open the Focus Group window you can click the "Load" button. That will popup a window with a list all your saved focus groups. In that window you can select them one-by-one and Delete them in this window. When done be sure to do the Maintenance routine of Optimize. That should also free up some of this space in these tables.

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