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Simple Picklist (Search) Sort Order Problem

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When I go to the Simple Picklist (clicking the Search Icon) in order to find a person, I have recently noticed a sort order problem (Current Setting is Surname,Given Name, Birth Date but it does not matter, it appears in all settings like this):


Some of the names are displayed with a comma between the surname and the given name, and some are listed without a separating comma, resulting in a sort order problem. For example for the surname RIESZ the order looks like this:


Riesz Sigmund

Riesz Simon

Riesz Theodor

Riesz, Alexander

Riesz, Edith


I.e. the comma-separated names appear after the non-comma separated names.


Did I inadvertently change a setting? I'm stumped. Thank you.

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Thank you, Terry. Unfortunately this is not the reason. In fact, the overwhelming majority of names appear without commas, only very few even now have a comma separating them. I changed the name style to a custom name style but again the style is the same for comma-separated and non-comma separated entries. Given names and surnames are entered in the correct fields with the surnames appearing in capitals in the Person View, just as I defined it in the Preferences.


I have run maintenance and optimization on my database, no change. Would you have any other suggestions? I'd be very grateful, thank you.

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