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I have a question about the living flag. If I understand correctly, TMG is set to set the living flag to "N" for any person who would be 110 years or older. Yet, I find people older than that (e.g. born 23 December 1894, or 123 years old) with the flag still at to "?" I had thought that the program would have reset this flag to "N" when that person reached 100 years of age, or in this case 2014.


Is there something I should be doing to cause this change to the flag to occur, or will I have to manualy reset all of these people (more than 6000) manually? I am interested as I am wanting to run several reports, and do not what those who are probably decesed (e.g. born before 1900) and with a Living Tag set to "?" to be left out of the report.



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From Help...

The LIVING flag defaults to ?. The program automatically sets it to N when a death or burial tag is entered, or when a birth group tag indicates that the person would be more than 110 years old.


This is when the Birth tag is saved. The living flag is not updated dynamically but should be updated if the Birth tag is opened and saved. You can use the List of People report to globally update the Living flags.


Or use TMG Utility to update the living flag settings periodically.


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