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Tag sentence missing everything after [M1]

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I have a census tag that will not show anything after [M1].

The Tag Sentence is:

In 1870 [PF] <|and [PO]> appeared on the Federal Census< of [L]><, enumerated [D]>. <Their children [RF:with Parents] were living with them.><[M1]><Also in the household were [R:Other] and [R:Other2].><[M2]>

The memo fields are as follows:

Gershom \[sp.]\ was 40 yrs. old, and Cecelia 31. Their childrens' ages were 12, 9, 7, 5, and 3, respectively.||Gershom was a dry goods merchant who reported the value of his real estate holdings at $2000, and his total estate at $3000. His place of birth was Prussia. Cecilia's the same. [R:Other], a 22-yr old man from Prussia, was a dry goods clerk \[possibly in Gershom's store]\; [R:Other2] was a 60-yr old black cook from South Carolina

Every shows well up through the first memo segment. I've checked everything I can think of, including all variable names, tried all permutations and have had no success. I'm sure it's probably something very simple. Other eyes will help.


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